Morgan’s Fortunato Farm was created as a result of the lifelong interest of the Morgans to develop a farm where the life of the livestock could be preserved and the farm could still be self-sustaining and even profitable. With alpacas, that dream has become a reality that has exceeded all expectations. The endeavor of the farm began after discovering alpacas at a small festival, while living in Western Maryland. After exhaustive education and research into these fascinating creatures, the farm was born and alpacas became a permanent part of the Morgan family. The farm was moved to thirty acres of rolling land, already owned by the Morgans, near family, in scenic West Virginia.

The scientific backgrounds of the Morgans have proven invaluable to their farming practices and to their understanding of genetics, nutrition and the health and wellness of alpacas. The experience from years of medical and surgical training is consistently and skillfully applied to the herd management and breeding decisions at Fortunato Farm. The farm is closely maintained, with extensive hands-on care. Living in a home built above the barn allows the Morgans to monitor the alpacas on a near twenty-four hour a day basis!