In creating a logo that would have strong meaning, we thought about the values we wanted to portray and the ideals we set as standards for our farm. The symbolism is extensive; every part of the logo means something important to us. All the symbols represent the caliber of farm we strive to maintain.

  • Morgan’s Fortunato Farm
    Fortunato means successful in Italian. An English derivative is fortunate.
  • Square
    Symbolic of earth and earthly existence.
  • St. Anthony’s Cross
    The T shaped cross in the middle of the logo. Life and security.
  • Celtic Design
    on cross Faith. Also a symbol of Wales, part of Ben’s heritage. The helical pattern is seen in the basis of genetics, DNA and RNA. The double helix is a symbol of infinity, as well.
  • Grapes
    fertility and abundance.
  • Grape Vine
    long and fruitful life.
  • Pineapple
    A well know symbol of hospitality, welcome and friendship. The pineapple has also symbolized luck and wealth. Drinking the juice of the pineapple has been thought to lead to business success.
  • Apple
    Symbolic of many important things: love, health, good fortune, fertility. The apple has been called the “fruit of possibility” and has symbolized perpetual harmony. The apple is also the state fruit of beautiful West Virginia, which is home to Morgan’s Fortunato Farm.
  • Skein of Yarn
    Representative of the “fruit” of the alpaca, the fiber they produce.
  • Shepherd’s Crook
    (Formed with end of yarn under farm name)-Means to take care of and safekeeping. An alpaca farmer is essentially a shepherd with a very special flock.